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Writing A Chicago Style Paper_ Here’S A Simple Method _ Essay Writing Blog

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We can generally use two types of citations, in-text citations and citations at the end of your paper. Both these citations must definitely be included in this type of essay. The first footnote of your paper must have full bibliographic references. In the following footnotes, the last name of the author is more than important. Titles must be italicized or at least underlined to differentiate it with the other contents or paragraphs. A reference list is mandatory at the end as it is a reference essay.  The footnotes and content notes used in this type of paper enable the reader to understand the concept better.

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* Double spacing is required for any text other than quotations given in bold.

* Fulfill the requirements of your instructor, in the number of words, topic, etc.

A Chicago style paper is one of the formats like the APA, MLA and Harvard etc. Citation is the main thing that is used in this style of writing. As we all know how much citations are important in an essay or a paper, it is better that we all use this style as it gives more important to in-text citations. This style is also known as Turabian style, and it is widely used in scientific and business types of papers. This style is useful for providing details about sources and information. This paper requires the writer to adhere to the writing format presented in the manual writer’s thesis or guidelines.

The general format of a Chicago style paper is as follows,

* The numbers must be written on the right hand side top corner.

* Pagination must start from only the second page.

It’s not as difficult as you think if you know the concepts

* Allocate single spacing for head notes, footnotes and references.

* It must have 1 inch margins on all four sides.

Writing A Chicago Style Paper_ Here’S A Simple Method _ Essay Writing Blog

Now that you have a general idea on how to write a Chicago style paper, start by choosing a topic which you are comfortable with preferably historical or scientific. Collect the necessary information from a lot of websites also research for more and more information on the citations that you are going to use. Do as per your instructor’s instructions if the topic has been prescribed for you. If you are still in doubts more research will always help and you will find all that and more in the websites.

* Include a title page along with your name and course details.

The three main things that must be observed while writing a Chicago style paper are in-text citations, footnotes and content notes and bibliography. When a paper does not have much reference then it is better to give in-text citations. Footnotes and content notes have the same guidelines as citation. Footnotes must be written in a smaller font size at the bottom of the page. In a bibliography, the information is arranged in alphabetical order either in the same page or at the end. Although as mentioned above, bibliography contains the same information as that of footnotes and it is absolutely necessary to give it, unless specified otherwise.

* Use valid and reasonable citations.

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