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You might want to learn more about dissertation writing services… 3.Social inequality based on money, class, name etc. d. arrive to a conclusion with strong evidences to base on 4.Child labor – the conditions in which a child is forced to work in and also the views of the child’ s family. First method – if the similarities and differences between the two objects are quite big each but less in number then this method can be followed. The first and the second para will contain similarities between the two objects and the third and fourth para will contain the differences between the two of them. The similarities and differences maybe listed together in each para also. In this case one similarity and one difference will be discussed in the first para, the second similarity and difference will be discussed in the second para and so on and so forth. Here the less important point should come first followed by the more important one. eg. Both ship and plane are modes of transport(less important) but the plane is a faster way of traveling (main point). 1.Single cause and multiple effect : cause – cigarette smoking is injurious to health , effects : a) it can lead to lung cancer b) it can lead to oral cancer c) it is harmful for the people present around the smoker(passive smokers) as they may too fall prey to the above mentioned diseases. Second method – this would work well for topics that have many small similarities and differences between them. The first part of the body will speak of the ship(first issue) and the second part will speak of the plane(second issue). Here the comparison and contrast will be given in the second half of the main body. Writing Tips On A Cause And Effect Essay Sociology Paper Topics- Writing A Good Paper And Choosing The Right Topic 2.Racism that exists in various forms and disguises throughout the world 15.Marriage between the same sexes – should be made legal or not. While writing the essay the writer needs to differentiate between the cause and the effect at the first instance. There may be one cause leading to multiple effects or many causes leading to a single effect. For a student it will be better if he or she sticks to the important two to three points only in such a multiple cause or effect scenario. A good cause and effect essay can both inform and convince the reader. It is up to the writer how well he or she can write and present facts and use them to create a hard hitting and long lasting impression in the reader’s mind. A technology essay may be written in different various forms. It may be written in a general form discussing how technology affects one’s life. It may also be written giving a detailed report of various developments in the field of technology. A specific example may be taken and dwelt upon and details given as to how it works, what are its functions, what are the benefits of using the product and what are the harmful side effects. 11.Feminism 10.Religion and terrorism – the connection 6.Environmental pollution vs industrialization which helps in giving employment to many. a. choosing a topic that one feels strongly about Para 1 and 2 – similarities between topic A and topic B 1.Computers in our daily lives – a general discussion. Some technology essay topics that can be chosen from are: Main body – Here the body will be divided into segments or paragraphs needed to discuss the process in various steps. The number of paragraphs will depend on the number of procedure steps. Therefore the body is a guide as to how to carry out the entire procedure. Each step should have a definite purpose that the reader will need to understand and all the steps will have to be presented in a logically correct manner thus keeping one paragraph for each step. The steps should cover all the important details for the process including the required equipments and also the problems and difficulties faced while going through the procedure. Each paragraph should flow smoothly into the next and in a correct sequence of order without haphazardly jumping around and confusing the reader. 2.Multiple cause and single effect : effect – environmental pollution , causes : a)factories releasing harmful gases b)untreated sewage water running into natural water bodies c)dumping wastes into sea d) burning of low quality coal 16.Absolute poverty- the causes and ways to remove it Sociology is the study of the social world that we live in and are familiar with. To discuss a theory on sociology one first needs to have a clear unbiased mind and then look at the issue from an outside arena and examine it closely and scientifically. Then with the help of sociological theories the topic will have to be analyzed, objective observations made and concepts of sociology applied to the issue. Choosing a good sociology paper topic is thus a very important part of writing the essay. The introduction like any other essay, will give the main idea(using the terms – cause and effect) as to how the essay will be developed later in the body. It will also put forward the thesis statement which will state whether the writer will be discussing the cause, the effect or both. Definition of important relevant terms may also be given but nothing in detail. The main body of the essay can be written in two different ways 12.Liberal lifestyle vs the conservative ones. This type of essay like any other, consists of three parts – the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. The essay format will follow the general set pattern (MLA/APA/Chicago/Harvard) of whatever the instructor wants. 13.Live-in-relationships or marriage – which is a better option for the society. A process and procedure essay is mainly used to write and give a detailed explanation of the sequence of events in a process involved. It aims to describe a definite process or procedure through a series of stages and helps the student to learn how to develop logical thinking and reasoning skills while discussing sequence of events as they unfold. A process essay generally describes a procedure inside out so thoroughly that no questions remain in the mind of the reader. The title of the essay itself should be informative so that the reader gets an idea of the process to be analysed. 3. chain pattern – in this case one event casually leads to the other as for example cutting down trees will bring about destruction and complete ecological disaster. Here the complete chain starting from cutting down trees, to disappearance of forests, to lack of rainfall , the region slowly becoming arid and desert like can be discussed serially in separate paragraphs. Technology Essay- A Guide To Write One more luggage can be taken while travelling on a ship than by air. b. then analyze the topic with the perspective of a stranger and the mind of that of a scientist The body will put forward the cause and effect and discuss them in detail. In case of multiple causes or effects scenario the writer can explain them in separate developmental paragraphs. The main body may be organized in three different ways. Some sociology paper topics to choose from: or To write a good process and procedure essay one needs to have a good understanding of the topic along with a good imagination skill so as to infuse a logical and a common sense in describing the details of the procedure to the readers and making them understand. it is travelling by sea while aeroplane is by air 2.Benefits of the telephone – how it helps to maintain connection between far off places. Before we start writing a technology essay let us first know what the word technology mean. It is the application of science to reduce effort and minimize workload thus helping in the daily activities of mankind. It is the beneficial result or a positive output obtained from the years of scientific researches and similar works being done all over the world. Technology can be used to meet the growing needs and demands of the human race and the end product can be multiplied to suit the requirements. Para four to six will discuss topic B 9.Prostitution – should it be made legal. 8.Capitalism vs socialism 14.Abortion – a right for the mother. 18.Euthanasia- should there be a right to die. A compare and contrast essay like any other essay will have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. It will also follow the standard procedure for essay formats. What will make the difference is the content matter and writing of the main body. The introduction will give an idea of the topic and mention the two chosen issues. The thesis statement should be given in the introduction itself. Similarly in the multiple cause and effect scenarios each cause or effect will have to be discussed in separate paragraphs. Supporting evidences and details can be arranged according to order of importance, or chronological order or in a categorical order. Transitional words are very important and are to be used to mix the details smoothly in a cause and effect essay. Transitional words like- because, since, due to, for the causes and for effects transitional words like therefore, as a result, consequently are to be used. The writer can use his or her essay to either inform or convince the reader and the body of the essay must be developed accordingly. It would be wise to dwell on the direct or immediate causes (or effects) rather than working on the unrelated and indirect ones or ones that will occur later in time. The essay must be made credible by giving reliable supporting evidences and examples with proper references and citations. Compare And Contrast Essay- How To Write It 7.Technological inventions in the travel and transportation field may be discussed in details. Introduction – Here the writer will have to give the basic aim of the procedure to be followed without going into much details. Background information and the relevancy of the process in everyday life is to be given here so that the reader gets an idea of the necessity of going into the details of knowing the procedure to be analyzed. At the end of the introduction will be the thesis statement. 7.Arranged marriage when compared to choosing own life partners. While writing the essay one has to follow the prescribed standard essay format and the language has to be simple and free flowing with no grammatical or spelling errors. Though the essay is mainly an informative type or a research type of paper the writer’s own views and opinions supported by various evidences need also be given. The essay like any other essay will consist of an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. The language will have to be clear, simple, precise and to the point. The views, opinions and arguments presented must be correct , logical and always supported by reliable and convincing evidences. Citations and references should be given properly to avoid charges of plagiarism. Data given should be well researched and correct and no discrepancies should be present what so ever. The language should be simple and so presented that even a layman reading the essay should understand the nitty-gritty details of the topic. 5.To discuss a particular item any technological device may be chosen like the computers, various kitchen appliances, washing machines, televisions, various telecom devices etc. So a technology essay will explore the connection between human beings and the various sciences and their related technologies. It will discuss the pros and cons of technological inventions and will detail the impact that technology has on society. This sort of essay is mainly of the informative essay type. It may be also called as the research paper type where the reader is given detailed study report and it also goes far beyond established facts and tries to look for more data. Before starting to write the essay it is necessary to have all the detailed information about the two selected topics. Then all the possible similarities and differences are to be chalked out and jotted down. For eg. If we write a compare and contrast essay on two modes of transport say the ship and the plane then the listings would look like this: From the discussion above it can be seen that writing a sociology paper is in many ways similar to that of writing a critical essay. In both cases one has to stand outside, observe the topic and give a critical judgment with an unbiased and objective mind. Like an analytical essay the topic has to be analyzed closely and conclusions based on evidences have to be drawn without any preconceived notions and assumptions. So while writing this essay it is best to avoid writing in first person that is using “I”. It helps one to get out of preconceived ideas, if any, and be able to judge issues more objectively. The essay should have a formal tone, devoid of any emotions and judgments which have no evidence as such. para 2 – second point of similarity and difference between A and B and so on and so forth 17.Female foeticide and infanticide – why in some countries people lay such a store in having male babies. 3.Internet and high speed browsing- how it affects our society. Process And Procedure Essay – An Introduction To The Steps For Writing The Essay a ship moves slower when compared to aeroplane So the main points in writing a good sociology paper is: 5.Domestic violence c. frame the findings and arrange the arguments with a critical eye 6.Various medical innovations may be chosen and their effects discussed in the essay. Para one to three will discuss topic A The conclusion of the compare and contrast essay should give a summary of the whole discussed topic without restating any points. It should be written in such a manner that it creates a lasting impression on the reader’s mind. 20.Increased drug and alcohol abuse amongst teenagers. para 3 and 4 – differences between topic A and topic B 19.Globalisation – same set of things found anywhere and everywhere in the world – the pros and cons of it. 4.Television – pros and cons of television viewing. 1.Gender inequality – why are men always portrayed as the bread winner and woman as a home maker in media and advertising. A compare and contrast essay is written to discuss either the similarities or the differences or both, between two chosen topics. The two topics chosen should have some sort of a relation between them. Like the topics chosen can be a comparison between two modes of transport, or maybe two actors, two literary works dealing with the same subject or maybe even comparison between two authors would do well, but it wouldn’t be advisable to compare between, say, Tom Cruise and the aeroplane. First a thesis statement will have to prepared on the topic based on the similarities and differences and figuring out an interesting point that links the two. Like in case of the ship and plane the thesis statement may run like this “ travel by both the modes can be pleasurable and will take a person from his starting point to his destination , however there are various differences too which will make them stand miles apart”. 8.Various warfare technologies present in the army can be researched and written upon. para 1 – will give the first point of similarity and difference between A and B a ship allows much space for its passengers to roam around while aeroplane does not offer much space to roam about freely. Conclusion – The concluding part will give the result of the process analyzed and the importance of the process in daily life will have to reinstated without going into the details. Cause and effect essay. As the very name suggests it aims to define and explain the cause and present the effects of that cause or happening. It can also be said to be another way of formulating ideas and discussing them. In this essay first the cause or as to why the event or incident took place will have to be pointed out then the discussion will move towards the effect or as to what happened as a result of that cause.

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